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· the well-proven all-round crown wax for the crown and bridge technique

· very good characteristics for the preparation of wax-up

and carving techniques

· opaque and intensive colouration of the waxes makes the

contours in wax-ups easy to see

· very good wax-up qualities

· minimal shrinkage

· very good fitting accuracy

· easy to carve

· available in two colours: grey and dark green

grey: setting point: 80,5 °C, ash content: 0.106

dark green: setting point: 83,5 °C, ash contend 0.000

· available in clip-clap tins of 65 g

· available in cylindres of 70 g

Order no. DR 000 114 HD 813 dark green, 65 g, tin

Order no. DR 000 115 HD 814 grey, 65 g, tin

Order no. DR 000 150 HD 813 dark green, 70 g, cylindre


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